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A private bitcoin key from 2011 was found worth $ 4 million

One person who owned about 127 bitcoins in 2011 gained access to $ 4 million worth of bitcoins by rediscovering his private account key.

To Report Coin Telegraph claims that he accidentally found the private key of his account in which he had stored his bitcoins in 2011. The account contained more than $ 4 million in bitcoins.

This Reddit user in the “BitcoinHolderThankU” community with a temporary account, announced that on December 22 (December 2) he found the private key of this account which has 127 bitcoins in stock. At the time the private key was found, the price of Bitcoin was about $ 23,000. He wrote about this:

A week later, I was looking for a way to cash out such a large amount at the lowest possible cost and with the greatest security. I flipped through all the OTC platforms and finally sold all 127 bitcoins for $ 33,439.02 per unit and a 0.15% commission. Their net worth was $ 4.24 million.

According to him, these bitcoins were obtained between 2011 and 2012 by participating in surveys, watching videos and doing some random things on the Internet. He says that at that time he intended to spend his bitcoins in the online game DarkOrbit. His private keys were never actually lost and only remained on his old laptop.

This user's account balance
This user’s account balance

If Reddit’s story is true, he lost about $ 1 million in profits because he did not keep his bitcoins for a few more weeks. From December to early January, the price of Bitcoin reached a record high of $ 41,000 and reached a new high. He admits that if this happens to him again, he will not do it again.

To defend that my work was reasonable, I have to say that I did hoodles for 8 to 9 years, which is more than many users. Of course, if I had another chance, I would have done something else.

He says that although he has suddenly become rich, he does not intend to spend his money on luxury items and will invest them in the S&P 500. He says about this:

I do not want to end up like someone who has won the lottery and ruined everything in a matter of months or years. I want to continue my normal life and live the way I did before December 21st.

However, the story of the lost bitcoins does not end up being as sweet as this story. For example, years ago a computer expert lost $ 285 million in bitcoin at a recycling center in the UK!


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