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A plan was presented to resolve the dispute between the miners and the Ethereum developers

Following the opposition to the Ethereum 1559 improvement plan, the miners of this digital currency have proposed a plan to increase the block reward to 3 ethers and gradually reduce it over a two-year period.

to the the report According to the recently introduced Ethereum Improvement Plan No. 3368 (EIP3368), the Ethereum Blocks Reward will be increased to 3 ethers immediately after the implementation of the Ethereum 1559 (EIP1559) Improvement Plan, and for a period of 2 years after the implementation of the plan. It is reduced to 1 ether.

Implementation of Ethereum Improvement Plan No. 1559, which is one of the high-margin Ethereum improvement plans, is scheduled to be launched in the summer (July or August 1400). The purpose of this plan is to control the growth of the current fees of the Ethereum network. This plan will have a broad impact on the income of miners; These effects are so great that some see it as a 50% reduction in miners’ incomes.

Ethereum developer Tim Beiko took to Twitter on Saturday to announce a proposal for an Ethereum 3368 improvement plan. Bico stressed that Plan 3368 has not yet been approved and there are no plans to implement it in the form of a fork. In his tweet, he described the plan as “the most tangible” thing published by miners in recent weeks in connection with the 1559 plan.

Some Ethereum extraction ponds have opposed the 1559 improvement plan. Opposition miners have threatened to change their hash rate to a specific pool for 51 hours in a show called “Power Show” in protest.

Meanwhile, Red Panda Mining, a well-known figure in the Ethereum mining community in cyberspace and a supporter of the Demonstration of Power plan, while announcing its support for the 3368 improvement plan, said that the miners are canceling the display of power.

The remarks of Red Panda Mining and Biko indicate that Ethereum developers and miners are ready to work on solving some of the problems of the improvement plans. On the other hand, discussions at the Ethereum Magicians Association about Plan 3368 show that there is still a great deal of disagreement among the Ethereum community.

A user named Green described the plan as “helping” miners to delay this impending change, and wrote:

Miners’ personal business decisions are not a concern for Ethereum users. You [ماینرها] You separate the profit account from the users and [حالا] Do you know the account of losses to related users?

In other conversations, users have stated that major Ethereum developers are seeking to accelerate the integration of the current Ethereum and Ethereum 2 networks. They cited the 3368 improvement plan as a delay in the “inevitable issue.” DCInvestor wrote about this:

Agreeing on this issue only delays the inevitable occurrence of an event; We are slowly moving towards the merger of Ethereum 1 and Ethereum 2. Where the reward for extracting proof of work will be zero.

In my opinion, and given the reality of the case, we should avoid measures that encourage more investment in mining equipment.

However, some miners have also opposed the 3358 plan. Many responses can be seen in Red Panda Mining’s Twitter post, which shows that the miners continue to insist on implementing the power show plan.


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