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A new wave of blocking of Iranians’ accounts in Bainance exchange

Dozens of Iranian users of Bainance Exchange have told Digital Currency that their account at this exchange has recently been blocked and they are not allowed to trade.

According to Arzdigital, about a week ago, the accounts of a large number of Iranian users of Bainance digital currency exchanges were blocked due to international sanctions against Iran.

Blocked users after entering the Bainance Exchange transactions section with the error message “Apologies but we are unable to provide services to you as per our Terms of Use.” Face. In this message, the user is told that according to the terms of use of the services of this exchange, he can not use the services. Of course, users who have received this error are allowed to withdraw their funds.

A new wave of blocking of Iranians' accounts in Bainance exchange
Image of binance error

The Arzdigital website has inquired about several blocked users in this regard, and all of them have said that they have logged in to their Binance account at least once with the IP of Iran.

In terms of the terms of use of its services, Bainance explicitly states that users residing in the embargoed countries can not use the services of this exchange, and in case of suspicion of a user’s activities, this exchange is allowed to block his funds. However, a large number of Iranian users are still using the services of this exchange by changing their IP.

Blocking the accounts of Iranian users in the Bainance exchange is not a new issue, but the high number of cases that have been blocked recently may indicate a change in the general policies of this exchange. Bainance has repeatedly stated that it adheres to international law on sanctions and transactions.

However, in previous cases the user account was generally blocked, but this time the withdrawal of funds was allowed. Of course, in the previous cases, users could withdraw their funds by contacting Bainance support and performing authentication with their Iranian documents and image, but it should not be forgotten that according to Bainance rules, this exchange is allowed not to issue withdrawal permits.

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