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A new model for achieving price stability in the ICO

Since the current model of ICOs has severe price fluctuations and is not suitable for every project, so a new model has been proposed to reduce these fluctuations, which can reduce these fluctuations significantly.

This new model has two main differences with the current model. Since most cryptocurrency price fluctuations are related to speculators trading in the secondary market, in the new cryptocurrency model, there is only the primary market hosted by the project owner and the price changes every three months. Does and is updated.

Vote to ensure that there is someone on both sides to trade (Exchange) There should always be some reservation from both currencies for the trade.
This means that the project owner is marketing for price stability; In one particular case, 40% of the coins were kept as reserves for purchase in the market by the project owner so that the coins could be offered in the event of increased demand and bought in the event of an increase in supply by investors. Price avoided. In this case, as long as the owners have a reservation amount, they will be able to stabilize the price.
A new model for achieving price stability in the ICO

Users and audiences of these projects are not necessarily professionals in the field of digital currencies, so in order to make it accessible to all audiences, Private keys and Public keys can be managed by project hosts. Using this method creates a retrieval mechanism that ensures the reduction of fraudulent transactions and brings the customer experience closer to e-banking through the use of usernames and passwords.

There are many ways to create successful ICOs, but it is important to be able to target the goals of investors, audiences and users alike. The new model is said to attract investors who are willing to take the usual risk versus the average profit.

Source : Iran Blockchaink Laboratory


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