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A man planted a digital currency extraction rig in his BMW

An American user of digital currencies has set up an extraction rig in his trunk, which works with a car battery.

To Report Using six Nvidia RTX 3080s, CoinDesk was able to set up an Ethereum extraction rig in the trunk of his car, using six graphics cards, according to Simon Desk Gamer website. It is worth noting that this model of graphics card is one of the most popular hardware for extracting Ethereum.

The power required for the operation of these graphics cards is provided by the car’s hybrid battery. Since the rig must be kept cool, Bayern removed the trunk lid to direct the heat generated.

According to Bayern, the rig could be worth just over $ 128,000 a year.

The $ 150,000 Bayern Beauvais license plate belongs to Nevada and bears the words “Hodler”. This car can reach 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds. Hoodle is a popular term in the digital currency community and refers to people who keep their currencies long-term.

In an interview with PC Gamer, Bayern stated that they have put these graphics cards in the trunk of their car just to break gamers’ nerves.

Earlier, Nvidia announced that it might resume production of mining graphics cards, citing a reduction in the supply of ArtX X 3080 graphics cards.


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