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A graphic design sold as a token for $ 20,000

A graphic designer sold his unique Valentine’s Day token for $ 20,000 at the Zora store.

to the the report Graphic designer David Rudnick has sold a unique Valentine’s Day NFT token for nearly $ 20,000. Rodnick is known for his high-profile collaborations with musicians such as Black Midi, Nicolas Jaar and Oneohtrix Point Never.

Unique tokens are collectibles in the Ethereum blockchain. Digital currencies like bitcoin and Litecoin are similar, meaning that one unit of them can be exchanged for any other unit of the same coin.

But proverbial tokens are unique assets that can represent anything. CryptoKitties are one of the first examples of unparalleled tokens. This game consists of collectible cats, each of which is a unique token.

Rodnik’s unique token is a digital image called a “stem”. This image is a representation of a flower with the caption, “I have been dreaming for a long time.” As you can see in the picture, this flower has a pixel effect.

Happy Valentine, a beautiful new world. May all creators benefit by building such platforms. – We have been seeing this dream for a long time.

An anonymous person bought this work for 10.8 WETH (locked ether) in Zora’s unique tokens store. Zora platform raised $ 2 million in funding from companies such as Kindred Ventures and Coinbase Ventures late last year in the first phase of raising capital.

Focusing on copyright sets Zora apart from competitors such as SuperRare and NiftyGateway, a platform backed by the Winklows brothers.

When a work is sold in the traditional market, artists are deprived of the future profits of the work in the secondary market. But if you create a unique token in Zora, you can share in all your future sales. In the case of Rodnik’s “stem” effect, the creator’s share is 10%.

Non-parabolic tokens became very popular last year as a medium for the visual arts. At an auction in December, an artist named Beeple made $ 3.5 million from his collection of 20 unique tokens.

Mike Shinoda, a member of the rock band Linkin Park, also created a unique token in Zora last week.

However, Rodnick is not fascinated by the utopias of the Blockchain. In response to a tweet about why platforms like Zora are devoting themselves to famous artists and techies, he said that the space for unique tokens still has room to grow. “This technology will only increase inequality if it stays in the store,” he wrote.


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