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A former member of the US Congress warned about new rules for bitcoin

Former US Congressman Ron Paul has warned that the US government is a “threat” because it has the ability to carry out repression. Raises.

to the Report Bitcoin’s former presidential candidate, Ron Paul, shared his views on government intervention in Bitcoin this week in an interview with Michelle Makori of the Kitco News website.

Macouri asked Paul about the possibility of gold confiscation or some other form of government intervention that raised concerns. He noted that several well-known hedge fund executives, such as Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associated, and Michael Burry, co-investor in The Big Short, have said that. That secure assets will not necessarily be safe from government intervention.

“Macouri said, ‘

They expect possible changes in taxes or regulations that will prevent capital from moving to assets such as gold and bitcoin that could replace the dollar. Could these be in danger of government repression?

The former member of Congress replied:

Certainly. The government is a threat, because they will suppress, because they have the power to do so.

He added:

We experience [جامعه آزاد] I have. If you do not know where to start, it is enough with the constitution [آمریکا] Start by giving them an idea of ​​how a free society works.

Makory also asked:

What do you think will be the case with assets such as gold and even bitcoin that are likely to be subject to government intervention through higher taxes or regulations? What do you think will happen to these assets?

Paul replied:

I think all these things can happen. Either the tax system will be used or the government will only print more money, which will result in a devaluation.

But they do it for public relations reasons. They have to show that they are heavily taxed by the very wealthy because of the ongoing civil strife.

Paul also said he expected the result to be “worse than average” on the infrastructure bill proposed by US President Joe Biden. He stated:

This program will probably do what this type of program always does. Such programs cost a lot of money, are inefficient, and always cost more than previously thought. In addition, the program is based on a mystical belief that it should not be about deficits [بودجه] Worry… everyone is in a dream.

Paul is a retired American author, physician, and politician. The former Texas lawmaker launched the Ron Paul Liberty Report video network in 2015, the official website of which aims to provide “controversial views and analysis on important issues affecting life and finances.”


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