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A draft bill to combat the illegal extraction of digital currencies has been released; Electricity to power plants is cut off during peak consumption

The country’s Information Technology Center has recently published a draft bill to combat the illegal extraction of digital currencies. Under the draft, power plants at power plants will be cut off during peak periods, and fines will be imposed for illegal activities.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From the appendix, the Executive Vice President and Head of the Information Technology, Communication and Security Center has drafted a bill to combat the illegal activities of cryptocurrencies and a draft resolution to organize the actions of cryptocurrency activists to the board of directors of electricity generators, the Chinese computer industry and the computer industry. They have been asked to comment on the draft submitted.

The draft bill of the Council of Ministers regarding the extraction of cryptocurrencies by prohibiting any activity related to cryptocurrencies, including the import, sale, installation of equipment and… emphasizes:

Extraction of ciphers is also a prohibited activity, except with the permission of the Ministry of Silence and the approval of the issuance of this license by the Ministry of Silence will be subject to the approval of the Ministry of Energy.

For the first time in August 1998, the government legalized the extraction of cryptocurrencies and tried to specify its general framework in its resolution, but that resolution alone could not specify the task of extracting cryptocurrencies, and exactly one year later, the government tried to draft a resolution to Specify the task of the equipment imported to extract the cryptocurrencies. According to that decree, if the owners of minor devices registered their devices in the “optimization” system and paid their customs duties and taxes, they would no longer be considered smuggled goods.

Now, the draft bill of the Cabinet in this regard has allowed the import, production and sale of Ramzarz mining equipment by legal license holders and only through the comprehensive trade system, and has announced that the Ministry of Silence will be able to revoke the relevant license in case of violation.

On the other hand, according to the same draft, the import, production, sale and installation of cryptographic equipment without a legal license and the use of non-standard mining devices are prohibited at the discretion of the National Standards Organization and result in confiscation of equipment, perpetrators and subject to punishment There will be smuggling of goods and currency.

In the draft bill of extraction of cryptocurrencies, emphasizing that all the main and ancillary equipment of licensed extraction of cryptocurrencies and non-standard extraction devices at the discretion of the National Standards Organization, including imported, produced and used that are not registered and tracked in the comprehensive system of silence trade, as The instruments will be considered a crime and will be confiscated and destroyed.

One of the issues that erupted in Ramzarz last summer was the power outage and the order of then-President Hassan Rouhani to turn off all mining equipment. Criticizing the order, Ramzars legal miners believed that the number announced by the Ministry of Energy was not correct, and while these miners were licensed to operate and pay average export tariffs for electricity and gas, they stated that Overnight decisions lead to motivation and frustration to continue operating legally and lead to damage to these businesses.

Now, the draft bill of the Council of Ministers regarding the extraction of cryptocurrencies by banning the use of electric branch that has been established for other purposes, has authorized the Ministry of Energy to , Take action to review the current methods of paying electricity subsidies and submit the necessary proposal to the Cabinet for approval.

The draft goes on to say that the Ministry of Energy sets and announces times of power outages each year, and that power companies are required to measure the power consumption of mining facilities at these times and cut off their access.

In addition to this discovery, identifying the import, production, sale, installation of equipment and extraction centers of Ramzarz illegally by natural and legal persons will be subject to receiving rewards in accordance with the instructions issued by the relevant executive body.

Accordingly, Ramzarz extraction centers are obliged to supply their required electricity according to the regulations of the Ministry of Energy by constructing renewable power plants or purchasing electricity from newly established renewable power plants by paying for electricity transfer, investing in energy efficiency optimization plans or saving energy. Provide energy directly or through retail from the stock exchange, except in times of power constraints.

The draft further imposes penalties for illegal activities, according to which the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum is required to temporarily cut off the electricity or gas outlet through the subsidiaries and affiliates for at least three months. In addition, the cost of consumer services is three times the average Rial price of electricity and gas exports for illegally extracted branch owners and five times the price for a person who has acted without receiving a branch, which is based on The basis of the announcement of the Ministry of Energy or Oil and will be calculated in accordance with the exchange rate of the Nima system.

In case of such violations, the Ministries of Oil and Energy will be obliged to cut and collect unlicensed branches through subsidiaries and affiliates, in addition to receiving the cost of consumer services and the mentioned amounts, and with the violator in accordance with the Law on Punishing Unauthorized Users. Water and electricity collide.

Draft Cabinet In this regard, the National Security Council, provincial and city security councils, law enforcement and all executive agencies, including the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Silence, Information, Customs and Anti-Money Laundering Headquarters in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy Has known.

The Ministry of Communications is also obliged to send the geographical address of the mining site to the Ministry of Oil and Energy through the system and online identities of Internet subscribers who extract the cryptocurrencies.

So far, the government has tried to regulate the cryptocurrency mining space, but has not taken any steps to legalize the cryptocurrency trading environment.

In this draft, the activists in this field have been given a deadline to send their comments on this decree to the presidency on the first of Azar.


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