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A computer game gives the winner of Bitcoin for free!

“Who stole my beard?” (? Who Stole My Beard) is the title of a computer game that rewards the winner of a free bitcoin. In this game, participants must solve a puzzle to access a wallet containing bitcoins.

to the Report Decrypt, a computer game about the discovery of a stolen beard in the Beardsville area of ​​the United States, is giving away free bitcoins to the first player to solve the puzzle.

“Who stole my beard?” It consists of 12 pieces of virtual paper with a word in each. These papers, when put together, form the retrieval words of an Electrum wallet. There is some bitcoin in this wallet and the first person who can access it can transfer digital currencies.

Retrieval words are a collection of random words that allow the holder to access a digital currency wallet.

Neil Collier, from California and the game’s only developer, said he transferred some bitcoins to a wallet, but did not say how much.

Collier wrote on Reddit yesterday:

I switched to Bitcoin a year ago and I love it. Aware of anything [مردم] About Bitcoin Increase and help promote my favorite project I welcome.

Some players who are likely to play the game commented on Reddit that robots might enter the game and find the words to recover the excitement and fun aspect of the game (something that often happens in the digital currency industry). They are worried. Callier did not respond to requests for comment.

This game will be released on August 2 (August 11) and can only be purchased by paying for Fiat currencies. Of course, Collier said he will release a version that can be purchased with Bitcoin payment.

Regardless of the Bitcoin issue, “Who stole my beard?” A classic detective game in the genre of role-playing, and the story of the game takes place in a city where everyone must have a beard by law.

The player must solve a puzzle with his pet dog, Leo, using fake roots and funny items and detective sham. In fact, the game is something like darts, trivia, talking to non-playable characters (NPCs) in games (like people walking down the street in GTA and guided by a computer, not a player) and mini-games.

“Who stole my beard?” Follows other color games such as “Football: The Hardest Job” and “RPG Character Builder”.


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