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A 14-year-old trader was kidnapped from the market for a good profit!

A few months ago, unidentified men abducted a British teenager who said on his social media pages that he had made a good profit from trading digital currencies. The perpetrators demanded that his family pay. 10,000 for the release of their child.

to the Report Crypto Globe, a 14-year-old student in Bradford, England, was abducted after he announced on his social media page that he could make a “reasonable profit” by buying and selling digital currencies, and criminals jailed him for ransom from his family.

The kidnappers attacked the schoolboy, who remained unidentified for legal reasons, outside a shop in May, and forced him into a Toyota Aris. The driver of the car, who was later identified as Mohammad Khobib during the legal process of the case, punched the boy with a glove full of sand.

According to the Guardian, investigators in the case said the boy’s perpetrators forced him to call his mother and tell her that he “either has to pay پ 10,000 or his son will not return home”. The boy’s mother was able to reach an agreement with the kidnappers to pay پ 900 instead and return home safe and sound.

Khobib, who was arrested and arrested a few days after the incident, has confessed to kidnapping and extortion. The report states that the names of the other three men involved in the abduction have not been released and that none of them have been prosecuted.

Judge Richard Mansell, the judge in the case, said he was targeted by criminals after the boy repeatedly claimed on social media that he had made “reasonable money” by buying and selling digital currencies. It is worth mentioning that Khobib has now been sentenced to four years in prison.

DC Paul Maxwell of the West Yorkshire Police Department had previously commented on the sentence:

We welcome the verdict handed down to Khobib in court today. He confessed today to both charges against him in May.


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