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8,500 small American businesses can now accept payments in digital currencies

OLB Group, which specializes in providing e-commerce services and payment gateways, has announced that it will facilitate the acceptance of digital currencies for its customers; This means that the company’s 8,500 customers can receive the cost of their goods and services in digital currencies.

to the the report Coin Telegraph, OLB Group, an e-commerce acceptance service provider, has made it easier for businesses to accept payments in digital currencies. The company is based in New York.

More than 8,500 businesses can now accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tetra and Dai through OLB’s business management platform and in their sales terminal. Customers who want to pay with digital currencies in-store or using their mobile phones can do so easily with their digital currency wallet. All payments are processed through SecurePay. Squirrel is a payment gateway that authenticates transactions as well as converts digital currencies into US dollars and confirms final sales.

The decision to integrate digital currency payments stems in part from the growth of online and remote orders during the Corona virus epidemic. Given that the Omniافت platform has already provided businesses with several payment facilitation options, the next logical step for the company was to provide payment services through digital currencies.

Ronny Yakov, CEO of O’Leary Group, says the payment gateway and the structure of the sales terminal are familiar to businesses, making it easy to integrate digital currencies through such channels.

Paying in digital currencies is a less commonly used future use for the industry. “We are still in the early stages of admission,” Yakov said.

We are in the early stages of accepting digital currencies as a means of payment, and we are also seeing an increase in the interest of businesses looking at this payment option for financial interaction with their customers and wherever they prefer.

He also believes that some industries are more likely to accept this method of payment than others. He says:

We anticipate that acceptance of payments in digital currencies will occur more rapidly in some areas, such as jewelry, B2B (business-to-business) transactions, and real estate with high-volume transactions; This is because digital currency transaction fees are lower and often half the regular credit card fees.

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin have tried to become an efficient tool for exchange and have been criticized for their usability. Charlie Munger, a billionaire investor and vice president of Berkshire Hathaway, recently criticized bitcoin, saying it was too volatile to function well as a trading tool.

Given that work is still underway on the development of scaling and ancillary chains, it remains to be seen whether encrypted assets can be effectively performed as payment systems. At the same time, assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are valuable, respectively, for storing value and developing their capabilities.


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