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5,900% increase in an unknown Altcoin in 7 days!

The digital currency Alchemy Pay, an unknown low market value coin, has had incredible weeks, rising 5,900% in just 7 days under the influence of two key fundamental stimuli.

to the Report Daily Hoodel, the price of Alchemy Pay digital currency, which is ranked 230 in the market, has risen from $ 0.003 to $ 0.18 in 7 days. This price increase has brought about 6,000 percent profit to investors, who accompanied this upward trend from beginning to end.

5,900% increase in an unknown Altcoin in 7 days!
Alchemy Pi price chart (4-hour view of Alchemy Pi / Tetra market)

Alchemy Pay is a combined payment gateway for digital currency and Fiat currencies operating in 65 countries. Alkmi Pay allows its users to receive the paid amount in their preferred local currency, regardless of the payment method and currency used by the sender.

The project provides a platform for businesses, retailers and financial institutions to process digital and Fiat digital currency transactions.

Alchemy Pay had already experienced a 70% growth in just 24 hours last week, under the influence of news related to its addition to the list of Coin Bass exchange currencies.

It is worth mentioning that Bainance Digital Currency Exchange also cooperates with Alkmi Pay to facilitate the payment services of customers and sellers in Fiat and digital currency systems. The purpose of this collaboration is to create a payment bridge on the basis of Binance Pay. Bainance Pay is one of the parts of Bainance application that allows you to pay digital currency “user to user”.

At the time of writing, Alkheimer’s 24-hour trading volume has exceeded $ 685 million and its market value has reached $ 168.12 million. Alchemy has returned to previous levels since hitting a seven-day high and is currently trading at $ 0.09.


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