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5 Applications of Blockchaink for Modern Amusement Parks

شهربازی‌های The modern world claims it all Technologies New such assystems virtual reality، ترن‌های Air and also types of systemsthe payment را have. But what is lacking in it Parks Modern sense of entertainmentIt becomes, China’s blockchain technology.

Likely First the name of the Blockchaink With Bit Queen heard. But BlockchainCapabilities There are so many that you may not be able to imagine.

The second currency after Bitcoin Ethereum Is that Programs Its functional for Parks The entertainment is indescribable.

5 Application of Blockchaink for Modern Amusement Parks

1. Prepare or sell tickets

Ticketing is probably the most obvious use of blockchain in amusement parks. There is now a collection of interesting and decentralized Ethereum-based programs that make it very easy to sell tickets for music concerts.

Because Blockchain only stores one copy of a digital asset (such as a ticket), users can have a wallet app that includes a variety of tickets on their phone that is charged with Ethereum and signed when they enter the amusement park. Your digital wallet is scanned by the input gate and you can log in.

No ID, no paper consumption and only with a decentralized and distributed system.

In addition, these tickets do not need to be provided by the person alone. For example, you can buy a ticket for your guest and indicate the date your guest went to the amusement park. Ethereum automatically pays when your guest arrives and he can enter.

Ethereum has the ability to execute smart contracts, so if you are a ticket seller, you can determine how much your profit from ticket sales will be by determining the contract. For example, you specify that he will give you 50% of the ticket, and when a large number of tickets are sold, you no longer have to worry about your profit being high or low.

5 Application of Blockchaink for Modern Amusement Parks

2. Long queue prevention system

Most people who go to a crowded playground always find it difficult to queue up to be harassed. But with the use of the Blockchaink, this problem has been completely solved. This system will work in such a way that you can calculate the amount of the device with your wallet and reserve your place. The software will then automatically tell you the waiting time, and you can do something else, such as surfing or chatting with your family, until it’s your turn. This system has already been implemented in several amusement parks. Imam is ready for problems such as conflicts between people due to human access. But there is no human access in the Blockchain and the system will not allow anyone to ride in your place unless you go there at the specified time. If you do not arrive on time, the system will automatically refund your ticket and it will be the next person’s turn.

5 Application of Blockchaink for Modern Amusement Parks

3. Creating a digital currency-based park

Imagine in a park where you do not need to take any traditional money and buy everything you need using your mobile phone. Or use any device with a ticket you have already purchased without the need for any paper.

5 Application of Blockchaink for Modern Amusement Parks

4. Survey of people

One of the most popular early uses of Atrom was as a voting system. Instead of one-person-one-vote platforms, in a decentralized system, everyone can vote for one transaction. For example, for amusement park owners, knowing which amusement park people are most interested in or which part of the amusement park is not attractive to them can be very useful to be able to spend their budget on improving certain parts of the amusement park.

You may be wondering what is the difference between a Blockchaink polling system and ordinary systems?

The most important and main difference is in the validity of the survey data. In China, there is no way to change a poll data, for example, if 80% of people say that this is not a good part. No one can turn that 80% into 79%. But in conventional systems, you may have fraudulent survey data.

5 Application of Blockchaink for Modern Amusement Parks

5. Turn everyone into an ambassador

Once you have built your digital currency park and your audience uses their money, you can surprise your audience with prizes and rewards. For example, anyone who brings a person to the park and prepares a ticket for him using his wallet will be given a discount, or if he wishes to report on the problems and incidents in the park, he will receive some reward or discount.

There is a wide range of amusement parks that can use Blockchain technology to improve themselves. Anything can happen with the Blockchaink, just imagine.

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