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19 strong emphatic phrases for traders; Words that work miracles

We hope the title of this article does not cause misunderstanding! The purpose of compiling this article is not to teach the “laws of the universe” and “success in 7 days” and miracles and the like. Since the problem for many people in the financial markets is a lack of self-confidence and using their maximum ability, we decided to help an essay From Hugh Kimura, explain ways to use positive emphatic phrases for digital currency traders.

Daily positive phrases are short sentences that help you gradually become your favorite character. In this article, we focus on the trading personality of individuals.

Phrases are powerful tools used by successful people in business, professional sports and many other professions.

By reading this article, you will learn how to create your own positive affirmations (in the field of trading) or simply use the positive affirmations that we have provided in this article. You will also learn how to use them to get the best results possible.

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How emphatic phrases work?

19 powerful emphatic phrases for digital currency traders

Emphasis phrases are conscious sentences that gradually rewrite your subconscious mind. There are many external factors (both positive and negative) that play a role in your subconscious mind. As a result of these factors, you have instilled many beliefs over the years, over and over again. These insinuations are now rooted in the depths of your subconscious and have become part of your identity and reality.

Here are some examples of these beliefs:

  • I always lose my profit.
  • It’s as if they made Murphy’s Law for me.
  • I always make stupid mistakes.
  • I hate to see losses in my trading office.

The truth is that if you keep saying negative things to yourself, you will gradually believe them and eventually they will become reality.

Such programs (negative instincts) have been running in our brains throughout our lives, and in many cases we are not even aware of their presence.

The only clue to a negative running program is that we do not get what we want in life. This is what forces us to stop living in autopilot mode and to be more aware of what is going on.

Positive affirmations help us to dispel these negative impulses and reverse the trend.

Before we get into the process of making and using everyday accents, keep in mind that accents do not have immediate effect.

It has taken years for you to develop this negative mindset. So it may take months or years to reverse this trend; So be patient and steadfast.

Three steps to writing a powerful emphatic phrase for a trader

19 powerful emphatic phrases for digital currency traders

1. Say these sentences in the present tense; As if it had already happened

Your mind cannot distinguish between what you clearly imagine and what really happened; Take advantage of this fact. If you keep telling yourself that you are a successful trader right now, you will feel successful within yourself and that will become your identity.

It is from this point that your brain finds a way to align your inner feelings with the outer reality.

But isn’t that a lie to yourself?

not at all! You have the ability to become a successful trader. The fact is that the individual can be successful in the field of trading unless he has a major flaw. I (the author) have seen people from different walks of life who have become successful traders.

You already have the potential to become a successful trader. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to give up this ability. By making positive emphatic phrases, you choose to develop your ability and acknowledge your high potential in this area.

So when you write an emphatic phrase, say it as if it already happened. This expression will make your brain accept this as a new reality and make it easier for you to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of success. You will see some examples of this type of emphasis phrase below.

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۲. Positive, short, and specific affirmations

The next step is to keep your emphasis short. Be positive and as specific as possible.

But why should you say emphatic phrases in a positive way?

Your brain automatically removes the word “no” from your sentences. So the phrase “I will not allow my transactions to affect me emotionally.” It will be recorded in your brain: “I will allow my transactions to affect me emotionally.”

For this reason, it is better to express emphatic phrases in positive sentences.

When you make emphatic phrases short, they are easy to remember and more likely to stay in your mind. Rhythmic accents also have a higher score.

Then try to avoid colloquialism as much as possible and personalize the phrases. A special emphasis phrase creates a clearer and more realistic image in your mind.

3. Use passion and excitement

If you are persistent enough to achieve your goals, you can do almost everything to your advantage. This means putting all your interests and passions in the right direction. Use the words emotional and joyful.

Ultimately, it is the excitement that makes all of this work.

To do this, you can use phrases such as “I… am”; Because this kind of emphatic phrase shapes your identity.

Well, another theory is enough. Here are some examples.

19 positive affirmations for traders

19 strong emphatic phrases for traders;  Words that work miracles

1. After trading, I am having fun and entertainment.

In such cases, there is a strong tendency to write a negative affirmation. Like saying, “I do not trade too much.” Using a positive affirmation, instead of conveying too much trading stress to you, puts you in a certain mood that you really want.

۲. I happily go to my happy family at sunset, crossing the beautiful highway.

If you dream of having a special car, drawing such a scene can help you imagine yourself in it.

3. I’m excited to complete my trading record every week; Because it makes me a global trader.

Consider completing your trading record as a positive event, not a chore.

4. I enjoy the view of the house I built with my wife.

Think about what you want to make with the profits from your trading and how you will enjoy your creativity.

5. I’m excited to follow my trading rules because the profits from it give me security and freedom.

Instead of blaming yourself for not following the rules of trading, remind yourself of the positives that come with following these rules.

6. I look at the charts curiously and do only the best deals.

This sentence is much better than saying the negative sentence “I do not make a bad deal”.

7. I enjoy the freedom, wealth, and entertainment that come from doing business.

However, do you really want to give up this profession?

8. I appreciate that I can Easily pay for any luxury in my life.

Instead of saying things like “I can pay off all my debts”, emphatic phrases like the one above can help you relax by taking advantage of the wealth that comes from trading.

9. I’m excited to learn new skills in trading. Because these skills pay for my adventures.

Training is crucial to becoming a successful trader, and emphatic phrases like the one above can remind you to put learning on your agenda.

10. I have donated to a charity for the benefit of my business and I am happy about that.

Donating to a charity is a great way to spend some of your profits on a deal. Enjoy the pleasant feeling of helping others.

۱۱. I am very grateful for all my profitable deals.

Such phrases can help you appreciate what you have. Some traders may write something like this: “I do my best not to make bad trades.” Your brain will certainly reject the “no” in such a situation, and in this case, you will continue your poor trading.

۱۲. By doing the deal, I lovingly support and help my family To cultivate their inner talents as much as possible.

What is your biggest reason for making a deal? If one of your reasons is to provide a good life for your children, writing such a phrase is extremely emphatic.

13. I keep my body healthy to take advantage of trading profits.

Because we spend so much time behind computer systems, exercising is critical to successful trading. Having an emphatic phrase like the one above reminds you to dedicate some of your time to exercise.

۱۴. I confidently check my bank account balance after depositing $ 1,000 a month, which is the result of my trading profits.

Identify the numbers and make sure you receive your monthly earnings on a regular basis.

۱۵. I am fully in line with the market trend and I do my trading easily in the right direction.

If you often trade using the trend line, then such an emphasis is very appropriate for you.

۱۶. When I go to Kish for a vacation with a first class flight, I feel extremely relaxed.

The first degree… cult ‌ does not get better than this.

۱۷. I am absorbing wealth into my life and doing it in a way that benefits others as well.

You may have the unpleasant mentality that the entry of wealth into your life means the lack of it in the lives of others. When you use such wording in your emphatic phrase, you remove this mental barrier. This will help you to be more successful in your life.

۱۸. I get energy from my refreshing morning program.

Some people may make emphatic phrases that force them to get up early in the morning and do their morning routine. When you make such emphatic phrases for yourself, you focus more on the positive benefits, and this makes the negative angles of waking up less noticeable.

19. I feel that I am completely focused on my work and I make the best decisions in my dealings, because I do meditation in the morning and in the evening.

Meditation is another activity that can have a very positive effect on your trading; At first, though, it seems like a daunting task. An emphatic phrase like this can make you excited to do it.

Get started now

19 powerful emphatic phrases for digital currency traders

now it’s your turn; Create your own positive affirmations or select a few from the list above. Regardless of which accent you use, write them down and put them in a place where you can easily access them.

The key to success is to control your list. My suggestion is to start with 3 to 5 emphatic phrases and see how you feel. If you can manage it for a few weeks, add a few more to your list.

What you should not do is add a lot of emphatic phrases; So that you are discouraged from doing your daily work due to the multiplicity of emphatic phrases. So keep things simple.

Repeat your affirmations at least twice a day. The best time to say your emphatic phrases is just before bed; Because when you sleep, your mind tends to review the last thing you saw before going to sleep.

Remember that this process is like a marathon, not a sprint. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence.

If you have been using positive affirmations for some time and have noticed little change so far, take a closer look at advanced trading psychology.

Do you have any other accents to add to this list? Share them in the comments section.


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