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100% drop of Squid Game token; Project website out of reach!

Hours ago, the price of the controversial and most likely fake Squid Game token, which had experienced incredible growth in the last few days, fell by 100% and reached near zero at a peak of $ 2,861. The project’s website and social media pages are now unavailable, and some users have reported not being able to sell their tokens.

According to Arzdigital, a few hours ago, the price of Squid Game Token, which was made by abusing the name of the famous Korean series Netflix, experienced a 100% drop and fell below $ 0.0008.

Token Squid Game started a suspicious uptrend around 10 am today (Tehran time) and rose by 3,300% to an incredible price of $ 2,861 by 13:00. However, the price fell 99.98% in less than seven minutes and reached $ 0.0007226 at its lowest level. It is worth mentioning that the token is currently trading at a price of $ 0.003569.

100% drop of Squid Game token;  Project website out of reach!
Squid price token price chart

There were reports yesterday that some users could not sell their tokens at the Pancake Swap exchange where Squid Game was offered.

The price page of this token on the Coin Market Cup website states:

According to user reports, websites and social networks [توکن اسکویید گیم] It is out of reach and some traders are not able to sell their tokens on Pancake Swap. Please do the necessary checks and be extremely careful when trading. The project is apparently inspired by the Netflix series of the same name, but does not appear to be related to the Netflix effect.

As previously reported by Arzdigital, the Squid Game token was created by abusing and copying the popular Netflix series of the same name, but has nothing to do with Netflix or the creators of the Squid Game series.

From the earliest days of the token’s offering at the Pancake Swap exchange, there was evidence that the Squid Token project was a sham and that investing in it was fraught with risks. Now that the project’s website and pages are no longer available on social media, it is safe to say that the token was intended to defraud investors, and its developers have apparently sought to exploit cross-sectional price fluctuations.


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