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دولت 8 million award from the British government for competing with Blockchain startups

One British government agency seeking to establish Competition To find Way حل‌هایDigital Health is based on the Blockchain.

Government Innovate UK With Target Promoting innovation the door Background Blockchain to announce Has to ideas Superior the door Background Blockchain-based healthcare 8 MillionPound (10.5 Million Dollars) rewards Gives Or on it Designs Fund Layout he does.

Winners of the Innovate UK Award

Winners of the Innovate UK Award in previous years

Excerpts from the spokesman of this organization:

The types of digital health records we invest in include (but are not limited to) emerging and useful digital health technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, basic science completion, blockchain, and the Internet of Things. »

This competition from today until ۱۱ October (19 October) will continue, competition only forCompanies Based in the UK Possible Acceptable There are also rules for entering this competition. Possible Mention Is Innovate UK the door the past too Roy projects projects Blockchain Fund Layout has done, From Sentence 248 A thousand pounds That in April 2016 Dedicated to the discussion of digital currencies. This organization in the month September of the year The past too One Focused competition for General Office Distribution Way LaunchDid that amount ۱۵ Million Pounds allocated for this project. This is the way to create projects Has opened a lot in the UK.

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